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Snap-On Smile

Taylor, MI Snap-On Smile Provider - United Dental Center

Taylor, MI Snap-On Smile Provider - United Dental CenterThe exciting aspect about this new cosmetic appliance is that it does not only allow people to feel better about themselves but it lets people choose which smiles they would like to have. They are able to choose for example from such famous smiles as Britney Spears, Cameron Diaz or even Tom Cruise.

With this new exciting technology the material allows people to feel comfortable and confident without any drilling or changing tooth structure. Snap On Smile™ in the coming months will be the most exciting advancement in cosmetic dentistry in a long time. The material, being cosmetically enhancing yet flexible, allows it to adapt to the mouth. It has a memory and can bend and retract to the tooth structure, easily retaining its elasticity, without breakage or cracking. Unlike other products, there is NO NEED FOR ANY ADHESIVES. This feature allows a person to put on and take off their smile as many times as they wish, sustaining a long lifetime of Hollywood smiles!

A semi-permanent prosthesis - known as ''snap-in veneers'' - has now become available. Made of resin, the veneers are placed over patients' teeth, allowing them to flash teeth like those of their favorite actor or actress.

There has never been anything that can compare to this appliance. Other appliances, made by other materials, have been proven to be brittle and tend to crack upon reapplication.

The Snap-On Smile™ can help anyone with his or her cosmetic dental needs. From a mis-aligned smile, to missing teeth or even ugly caps or veneers; the Snap-On Smile™ will make all these common problems obsolete! We recommend that you come in for a consultation and see if you are the candidate for this one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art cosmetic appliance.